Traditional Benedict               


Poached eggs on an English muffin

with Canadian  bacon topped  with

 hollandaise sauce 


Southern Benedict         


Poached eggs on top of 2 sausage

Patties   on a   grilled   biscuit

smothered with sausage gravy 

Crab Cake Benedict         


Saute  spinach  &  tomatoes  with

poached eggs on top of crab cakes

with a lemon  capers hollandaise


 Greek Benedict                             


Poached eggs saute spinach and

tomato topped with  feta  cheese

Hollandaise sauce   


Brooklyn Benedict                  


Two  poached  eggs  with 3 strips

of bacon on a grilled bagel topped

with bacon bits hollandaise sauce

and melted cheddar   


East Side Benedict                  


Two poached eggs with asparagus,

artichockes, mushroom and melted

Cheddar cheese Hollandaise sauce