The Melts

Served with 1 side (Cole slaw, potato salad, chips or fries).

 Sub. Greek salad +$4.99


NY Reuben                                                                   


Thinly slice  pastrami  or  turkey  on grilled 

rye with  swiss  cheese & cole slaw.


Pressed Cuban                                        


Ham, roast pork, salami   &  Swiss  Cheese

with mayo,   mustard  & slice pickles.

BBQ Chicken Club                               


Grilled   chicken   smothered    with  saute  

onions,  bacon and American cheese with

BBQ sauce on Texas toast    


Steak or Chicken Philly                        


Smothered   with   grilled   onions,   peppers,  

mushrooms  and  provolone   cheese.    




Thinly   slice   corned  beef   on grilled   rye  

with  Swiss  cheese  &  sauerkraut.    


Chicken Kebob Melt                       


Saute  peppers, onions,   Mushrooms   and 

melted Provolone   cheese  on  pita.

Gyro Melt                                              


Saute  peppers, onions,  mushrooms  and  

melted  provolone   cheese  on   pita.