Breakfast Combos

Biscuits and Gravy            

Biscuits smothered in sausage    

Half Order                                         


Full Order                                          


Pete's  Scramble                            


Biscuits   smothered   in   sausage

gravy, scrambled eggs with cheese

topped with sausage or bacon  


No Carb Combo                             


3  eggs   scramble   with  cheese

and   sausage   patties,   bacon, 

& sliced tomatoes                                               

Monte Cristo                                    


French   toast   topped   with  turkey,

ham and melted Swiss cheese                                           

 Scramble Bowl                         


Mixed blend of ham, bacon, onions,

green pepper and home fries mixed

together with scrambled eggs with

cheese topped with sausage gravy.           



       Short   stack   of our delicious

Pancakes   or stackable   french

toast,   with   bacon,  or   sausage

patties  with 2 eggs any style.                       

Country Biscuit                           


Golden brown country fried  steak 

on   top  of  a  grilled  biscuit  with

Scrambled eggs  & cheese, 

smothered   with  sausage   gravy

topped  with  cheddar cheese